Dyason Fellowship success - Prof Pak Sham

Damjan secures funding

Damjan Vukcevic (MIG Group Leader) has secured funding to support a visit by Professor Pak Sham from Hong Kong. Professor Sham is an international leader in genetic epidemiology. He has a particular interest in genomic risk prediction and a very active research program in this area.

Genomic risk prediction using large cohort studies, optimised for population-scale applications

Project summary:
The last decade has seen an explosion of discoveries of genetic risk factors for hundreds of human diseases, providing insight into new treatments and improving our ability to identify individuals of high risk. In contrast to most current efforts at risk prediction, we will use data from very large cohort studies (only recently made available) to develop prediction methods that consider multiple possible outcomes and are focused on specific applications. In particular, we will target applications that occur on a large scale, such as population screening for targeted health interventions and potential impacts on life insurance applications and underwriting.

We look forward to having Professor Sham visit MIG later in the year, well done Damjan!

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