ARC DP20 success for MIG!

Congrats to Irene & Kim-Anh

Irene and Kim-Anh have been awarded 2020 ARC Discovery Projects in the latest round of funding announced on December 4, 2019. The overall success rate for this round was 23%.

Details of the projects are below.

Dr Irene Gallego Romero; Professor Murray Cox; Dr Francois-Xavier RICAUT

This project aims to investigate the impact gene flow from Denisovans, an archaic hominin species, has had on individuals from Papua New Guinea and eastern Indonesia. These people owe up to 5% of their genomes to these mysterious ancestors, but the repercussions of this finding remain poorly understood. In order to identify the biological contributions these fragments of DNA make to the individuals who carry them, this project aims to combine anthropological genetics with cutting-edge functional genomics in a pioneer multidisciplinary approach. Ultimately, this project may transform our understanding of both the population and evolutionary pressures that have acted upon these groups in the past 50,000 years.

$560,000 over 3 years

Dr Kim-Anh Lê Cao; Dr Heather Lee; Dr Matthew Ritchie; Dr Stéphanie Bougeard

Emerging single-cell sequencing technologies are transforming molecular cell biology, but identifying novel cell types and their functions requires the integration of highly heterogeneous data. The development of computational methods able to extract biologically relevant results is hindered by the lack of high-quality datasets. This project aims to develop novel sequencing methodologies and generate data to drive our dimension reduction multivariate method developments for data integration. By combining in silico and in vivo approaches, the project is anticipated to benefit scientists willing to work in cutting-edge single-cell research by providing useful protocols and tools to generate novel insights in cell biology.

$650,000 over 3 years

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