SysGen Seminar – Allan Motyer – 20th October, 2017

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Andrew Siebel

T: +61 3 8344 0707

Allan Motyer

Centre for Systems Genomics, University of Melbourne

Friday 20th October
FW Jones Theatre, Level 3 Medical Building, The University of Melbourne

HLA Allele Imputation from SNP Genotypes and its Application in Genetic Association Studies

The human leukocyte antigen (HLA) genes play an essential role in immune function, are central determinants of transplant compatibility, and have been associated with many conditions including autoimmune and communicable diseases, cancer and drug hypersensitivities. Statistical prediction of the alleles of HLA genes using flanking SNP genotypes, known as HLA imputation, has enabled high-throughput and low-cost interrogation of HLA genes in large-cohort genetic association studies that have significantly advanced the understanding of many diseases. I will present several advances that improve the statistical power achieved by genetic association studies that use HLA imputation, which will be of significant utility in the analysis of the recent and forthcoming releases of huge cohorts of samples with genome-wide SNP data and phenotype information (e.g. UK Biobank). I will also present a recent application of HLA imputation in which an analysis of genetic association across tree-structured phenotypes in the UK Biobank has identified new associations between HLA alleles and common immune-mediated diseases.

Dr Allan Motyer is a postdoctoral researcher in the Statistical Genetics group of Associate Professor Stephen Leslie at the Centre for Systems Genomics, University of Melbourne. He obtained his PhD in probability theory from the University of Melbourne in 2011, and has previously worked in financial mathematics and statistical consulting. His research interests include statistical imputation of genetic variation, genetic association studies and population structure.

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