Statistical Genetics journal club - September 2018

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12pm, 10th September 2018
Room 124, Level 1, Building 184, Parkville Campus, University of Melbourne

Paper to discuss:
Tran D, Blei DM (2017).
Implicit Causal Models for Genome-wide Association Studies, arXiv:1710.10742.

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While looking up the paper just now, I found out some more info that might be handy to review before digesting the paper itself.  This work was presented as a poster at International Conference on Learning Representations (ICLR) 2018.  The poster itself is available online, as well as a deck of slides and even a video.  Furthermore, the reviewers' comments (for the submission to ICLR) are available via OpenReview.  Links to all of these are below.  I've included the poster and slides in the set of PDF files above.

Reviewers comments:




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