New Fellows’ and Prize Winners’ Symposium


Hear from the newest Fellows of the Australian Academy of Science!
Listen to the winners of the Academy’s Medals!

Thursday 4th July 2019
6:00 – 8:00 pm
GTAC, Cnr Royal Pde & Story St, Parkville (next to University High School oval)

No booking necessary

Professor Jim Whelan AAS
La Trobe University “MitochondrialBiogenesisandSignaling”
Jim Whelan studies how energy is made in plant cells

Professor Warren Alexander AAS
Walter and Eliza Hall Institute “MolecularRegulationofBloodCells”
Warren Alexander is a molecular biologist who studies how blood cell production is controlled

Associate Professor Nick Huntington, Jacques Miller Medal
Monash University “TargetingNaturalImmunitytoCancer”
Nick Huntington is an immunologist and expert on killer T cells

Professor David Balding AAS
The University of Melbourne “ProgressandControversyinMathematicalGenetics”
David Balding applies Bayesian statistics to biological problems

Associate Professor Laura Mackay, Gottschalk Medal
Doherty Institute “Localimmuneprotectionbytissue-residentTcells”
Laura Mackay is an immunologist who studies memory T cells

Professor Joanne Etheridge AAS
Monash University “FindingtheAtomsthatMatter”
Joanne Etheridge uses microscopes that can resolve individual atoms

Dr Lars Goerigk, Le Fèvre Medal
Monash University “ChemistryontheComputer”
Lars Goerigk is a theoretical and computational chemist

Professor John Hamilton AAS
The University of Melbourne “Addressinginflammationandpain– ajourneyfromconcepttotheclinic”
John Hamilton is a rheumatologist who studies the cellular basis of autoimmunity

Associate Professor Stephen Leslie, Moran Medal
The University of Melbourne “Usingstatisticsandgeneticstolearnaboutdemographyanddisease”
Stephen Leslie is statistician who works in the field of mathematical genetics

Professor Kerry Landman AAS
The University of Melbourne “Whathasmathsgottodowithit?”
Kerry Landman applies mathematics to solve biological and industrial problems

Dr Kim-Anh Lê Cao, Moran Medal
The University of Melbourne “Modernstatisticsforbiology”
Kim-Anh Lê Cao is statistician who analyses ‘omics’ data

Professor Mark Cassidy AAS
The University of Melbourne “TheFrontiersofOffshoreGeotechnics”
Mark Cassidy is a civil engineer who specializes in marine infrastructure

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