MIG Webinar - Pengyi Yang (Full video available)

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MIG Webinar

Recorded via Zoom on Friday 17th July, 2020
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Pengyi Yang
School of Mathematics and Statistics, the University of Sydney

Computational methods for trans-regulatory network reconstruction and single-cell analytics

This talk has two parts. In the first part, I will showcase our work on reconstructing trans-regulatory networks (that cut across multiple omics layers) in embryonic stem cells and during their differentiation. I will introduce various computational and machine learning methods used for integrating multi-omics data for trans-regulatory network reconstruction and characterisation. In the second part of the talk, I will introduce some computational methods we developed for classifying single cells and characterising gene properties on the single-cell level. Together, these works exemplify the utility of computational methods in making systems biological discovery.

Pengyi Yang is a NHMRC Investigator at the School of Mathematics and Statistics, the University of Sydney. He heads the Computational Systems Biology group at Children’s Medical Research Institute, Westmead, and the Computational Trans-Regulatory Biology group at Charles Perkins Centre. As a systems biologist cross-trained in computational science and biology, Pengyi combines machine learning and statistical methods to model trans-regulatory networks that cut across cell signalling, epigenomics and transcriptional regulations. His has made significant contribution to (i) methodological development in cell population and single-cell multi-omics; and (ii) systems biology of stem cells and differentiation.