This iteration of the conference looked at the long-standing solidarity between Aboriginal and Palestinian peoples in the continent now known as Australia and across the globe in the struggle against settler colonial occupation.

The conference will reflect on the role and forms of solidarity in precarious times of modern nation statehood, questioning how, with the hardening of immigration policies, the closing of borders, the rise of right-wing discourses, and historical institutional racism, members of the international community can work towards self-determination and sovereignty, separate from national and state governments.

How can social, academic, activist and artistic communities join together and renew longstanding relationships founded on the desire for liberation, freedom and self-determination? This conference was interested in experimenting with Black-Palestinian solidarity as theoretical framework and practice for a basis of transnational movements of resistance.

The Black-Palestinian Solidarity conference included panels and presentations from leading Aboriginal, Palestinian Australian and international thinkers, academics, artists and more.

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Black-Palestinian Solidarity