DEFORM/REFORM, 13/3/2020, 2020, Ink on archival paper, 67 x 104cm
DEFORM/REFORM, 1524, 2020, Ink on archival paper, 77 x 114 cm
DEFORM/REFORM, Michael, 2019, Ink on archival paper, 78 x 112 cm
DEFORM/REFORM, Johannes, 2019, Ink on archival paper, 57 x 76 cm

Rebecca Diele is a multi-disciplinary artist currently completing her Master of Contemporary Art at the Victorian College of the Arts. Her creative process is a translation between material and system of structure against a broader context of order and power. A dichotomy between total control and chaos is negotiated throughout her work.

DEFORM/REFORM is the artist’s series created in isolation that echoes the nuanced perception of time. The works offers a glimpse into the compulsive desire for control, imprinted through repetitive ink strokes while adhering to a sequence dictated by love, loss and life. Diele charts and marks time through the connection to the physical body and its changes. The space between ‘then to now’ was felt through her partner’s frailing body, formerly robust and healthy. In more recent times of isolation, time is gauged by a disconnection to her own body, where external disruptions to the everyday also result in a deviation and her body once strong, begins to weaken.

DEFORM/REFORM examines the unexpected outcomes that halt the cycle of repetition. Deviations from the path cause new beginnings, influenced by the eventuality of human error during the process of mark-making. Sequences will deform and ordered patterns will break down and end to expose deeper complexities and new ways to start again. What remains constant, is the stillness of in between.