Altar of Xi'orhki, God of Equilibrium, 2017, Mixed media installation

Karleng Lim is a multidisciplinary artist engaging in interdisciplinary research, seeking to engage new ideas around ecology and a reconsideration of our relationship with the nonhuman world around us.

For Zero O’Clock, Lim is exhibiting an earlier body of work, Altar of Xi’orhki, God of Equilibirum, which was born out of feelings of powerlessness and a questioning of faith. Borrowing from animistic beliefs and Eastern religions, Altar of Xi'orhki invites viewers to light incense as an offering and means to communicate directly with the God of Equilibrium. Our world is going through an extraordinary period of frequent and increasingly violent natural phenomena. As our collective actions continue to affect the planet, the earth responds with fires, floods, hurricanes, and mass extinctions. We are witnessing, under lockdown, yet another terrifying instance of earth in equilibrium. Altar of Xi'orhki, God of Equilibrium is both a commentary and critique of the return to blind faith when things seem insurmountable. It provokes the question: in the face of uncertain times and an increasingly volatile reality, do I pray or do I act?

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