Right now, right now, 2020, Pencil, watercolour, embroidery, collage, chocolate foils, crochet, acrylic, cotton, wool, yarns. 180 cm x 110cm. Photography: Laura Neumeister

Christina Darras is an interdisciplinary artist of Athenian Greek heritage. Although she works across many mediums, she considers herself centrally a draughtswoman.

Her creative process has the structure of a drawing; it is intuitive but elaborate, looking for the lightness of the pencil on paper, the fragility, or the detail that invites the viewer for a closer look. The journey is about the personal becoming political, and the belief that individual choices are what form social behaviours. Darras’ work looks for a broader sense of identity and explores one’s truth in-depth, stripped of didactical realities and social or ethnic boundaries.

Right now, right now is a drawing made from a variety of marks by pencil, watercolour, crochet, rhinestone embellishment and collage. Through a process of cutting and mending, the workbrings together a range of different visual vocabularies to consider and capture the fleeting duration of a moment. How long does a moment last? By the time one says “right now” the moment is already in the past. Time is the result of duration, measured by difficulty or ease. Time is the accumulation of knowledge, experience, wrinkles, joys, and sorrows.

At the heart of the drawing is the character of the Dograbbit, in search of a definition of time; is it something we can keep and value, or transparent and untamed, invisible as air? The intention is not to tell the viewer what to think or how to feel. Instead, the work invites the viewer on a trip, a voyage, a chance to explore and face one’s own emotions and thoughts.

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