Zero O'Clock artists and their works have been matched with songs from the K-pop group BTS, who inspired the title of the show.

Playlist curated by Sophia Cai


Curator’s note: Inner Child is a solo track by V from BTS’ 2020 album Map of the Soul: 7. I’ve chosen this track to pair with Christina Darras’ work both remind me of the transience of innocence, and the inevitability of change over time.


Curator’s note: Dynamite is the 2020 disco-infused pop hit by BTS that has topped the charts worldwide. I’ve chosen this track to pair with Chelle Destefano’s work as BTS is often compared to the Beatles in terms of their social and cultural impact, and I like to think this song might be the ‘Imagine’ of our era.


Curator’s note: Spring Day is a BTS song from 2017 and remains a fan-favourite to this day with its touching lyrics and musicality. The emotions and vulnerability of the song remind me of Rebecca Diele’s works and the way she holds grief and resilience simultaneously at once.


Curator’s note: ON and the accompanying dance video (known as Kinetic Manifesto Film) was released in early 2020. I have chosen this song and dance to go alongside Ebony Hickey’s work as both are powerful visual messages of strength. This is something to be celebrated.


Curator’s note: Of all of BTS’ love songs, Best of Me from the group’s 2017 EP Love Yourself: Her is one close to my heart. I have chosen to pair this song with Brodie Kokkinos work about lovers in an intimate conversation as it reflects on the highs and lows of love. We hold our lovers close, yet we are scared for them to leave.


Curator’s note: Lights is a Japanese-language track released by BTS in 2019. In a moment of darkness, it is a hopeful track that provides some solace for an unknowable future. I have paired it with Karleng Lim’s work from 2017 as I do believe we all need a bit of hope right now.

LIA DEWEY MORGAN - Answer: Love Myself

Curator’s note: Answer: Love Myself is the final track from BTS’ 2018 compilation album Love Yourself: Answer. At its core the song reminds me of Lia Dewey Morgan’s poems as an empowering exploration of self, love, and acceptance. When I am blue I listen to this song.

ASTRID MULDER - Whalien 52

Curator’s note: Whalien 52 was released in 2015 and appears on BTS’ fourth mini album The Most Beautiful Moment in Life Pt 2. The title and theme of the song are inspired by the 52-hertz whale, also known as the ‘world’s loneliest whale.’ Just as BTS’ song reaches out to the lonely whale, I paired this song with Astrid Mulder’s series in isolation to remind us that we are not alone.

KATIE PAINE - Serendipity

Curator’s note: Serendipity is a solo song by member Jimin of BTS originally released in 2017. I paired this song with Katie Paine’s works to consider how there are no such things as coincidence, in art or in love.

JEN VALENDER - Interlude: Shadow

Curator’s note: Interlude: Shadow was released in early 2020 as a solo song by member Suga of BTS. The shadow here takes on many different meanings, and I paired this with Jen Valender’s work to consider the things we may not see under the surface.