Rose Faragher + Emily Simek

1 - 27 MARCH, 2022

ROSE FARAGHER is an Environmental Scientist, currently working on greenhouse gas emissions reduction projects. Her work is focused on developing regenerative agriculture practices on farms, to increase carbon storage in soil, improve soil health and reduce emissions from farm management. Rose has experience in industrial waste management and is interested in waste reduction, sustainability and finding alternative uses for waste products. She wants to explore how this can be applied in an agricultural setting, while bringing awareness to waste management issues and the beneficial properties and potential uses of agricultural by-products, in a creative way.

EMILY SIMEK is an artist with an expanded practice in digital art, sculpture and installation that explores what constitutes a material lifespan and the conditions that sustain ecologies of matter. Her practice acknowledges the agency of materials and their situated, interdependent relationships. Materials, living beings and technologies are approached as collaborators and companions during processes in artistic creation. Her current body of work Composting… (2021) is developed in co-creation with a worm farm compost system and explores the potentialities of closed-loop systems in permaculture design for art making practices.