George Egerton-Warburton

7 - 25 FEBRUARY, 2022

GEORGE EGERTON-WARBURTON employs text, performance, sculpture, painting and video in his practice which embraces stylistic dissonance, and the syntax of conceptual art. Referring to day-to-day situations, Egerton-Warburton examines the discord between impulses and behaviour shaped by cultural norms. His work, varying in scale and duration, corresponds to the distortion of time in space constructed by late capitalism. At odds with this space, Egerton-Warburton questions it’s affect on mental health, social structures, his relationship with the natural landscape that is simultaneously nostalgic and destructive, and the body’s agency under the administrative labour processes required of it. He creates elusive situations anchored by droll humour and irony, where sympathetic structures and topologies of stress are cobbled together in textured installations.