Multinaturalism, Kinship & Caring for Country

Multinaturalism editor Tessa Laird talks to Chilean artist and curator Camila Marambio and Trawlwoolway artist and educator Lauren Gower about the anthropological term "multinaturalism".

This term attributes personhood to all beings (animals, rocks, trees, rivers, mountains and humans) and assumes kinship between them. What does acknowledgement of kinship and personhood involve, and how might this help us to, in Gower's words, "restore the future? "

DR TESSA LAIRD, Editor, Art & Australia issue 57.1 2021 Multinaturalism, Lecturer in Art (Critical and Theoretical Studies) Victorian College of the Arts.

LAUREN GOWER, a Trawlwoolway woman, artist and educator whose research and creative practice focus on poetic, performative and participatory engagements with country.

DR CAMILA MARAMBIO, curator, private investigator, permaculture enthusiast, amateur dancer and writer, founder and artistic director of the collective research practice Ensayos.

Cover image:  Denilson Baniwa Lambe-lambe yawarete╠ü, 2019, Rio de Janeiro
Photograph courtesy of the artist.
Baniwa's work was featured in NIRIN, the 22nd Biennale of Sydney, 2020.