Issue 57.1 2021

This issue is born out of forest fires and deforestation. It is born out of extraction and despoliation, which ravage landscapes and people, including unique and irreplaceable lifeways, languages and cultures. This issue is born out of anger and despair for irretrievable losses, including plant and animal relations we will never see again. This issue is dedicated to the three billion animals that lost their lives on this continent in the summer of 2019–20, losses subsequently eclipsed by a virus spiralling out of control in the anthroposphere.

But this issue is also born out of fierce love and an undying spirit of joy, as we celebrate the indescribable beauty that still lives on this planet, and fight for its ‘ongoingness’, its ‘survivance’. [1] This spirit was attested to in the overwhelming number of proposals we received for Multinaturalism; had we said yes to them all we would have needed to print five different versions of the issue. Since the theme encompasses diversity on every level, including the inter-dimensional, I imagine these other versions existing in parallel to this one.



[1] Donna Haraway uses the term ‘ongoingness’ throughout Staying with the Trouble: Making Kin in the Chthulucene, Duke University Press, Durham, NC, 2016; Gerald Vizenor popularised the term ‘Survivance’ in Native American Studies, and edited the collection Survivance: Narratives of Native Presence, University of Nebraska Press, Lincoln, 2008.