F l u i d T i m e

Discussions of Cultural Time

How does the concept of time developed by each culture around the world influence our thinking and actions? For artists, it is a core idea for how we might express ourselves, as well as an essential tool for daily life.   In this Dialogue, visual arts thinkers from Indo-Pacific talk about their time and how it works in their conceptual spaces, challenging too-accepted notions of the West.  Western ideas of measured time are the exception in these cultures which prioritise contextual time, often relational time, frequently circular time, and always differently understood and valued time - especially compared with the tick-tock of the Christian Marclay clock.

Dr Alison Caroll - Founding Director, Asialink Arts, currently Senior Research Fellow, VCA.  In Melbourne.
Durriya Kazi - Artist, writer, teacher and project director (including the Pakistani trams that delighted Melbournians during the Commonwealth Games).  Founder and long-time head of the Department of Visual Studies at the University of Karachi. Recent thinking appears in Dawn. Speaking from Karachi.
Margo Neale - Curator, writer, speaker, advocate for Australian Indigenous art, with significant exhibitions Emily Kame Kngwarreye and Songlines: Tracking the Seven Sisters among her curatorial projects. Head, Centre for Indigenous Knowledges, Senior Indigenous Curator & Advisor to the Director, National Museum of Australia. Speaking from Canberra.
Hossein Valamanesh - Internationally regarded artist of Iranian background. Speaking from Adelaide.

Image: Christian Marclay (b.1955 USA) The Clock, 2010-1, 24 hour video.