Feminist Futures

Live life as if everything is rigged in your favour

The condition of finding oneself looped into a perpetual reordering or rewriting of narratives is an experience known by many women in the contemporary moment. This largely ‘invisible’ burden actively dismantles the continuity of ‘marginalized’ histories by rupturing the narratives being made in the present moment. Prompted by the saying of 12th century Sufi scholar and poet Rumi, “live life as if everything is rigged in your favour” the panel will explore the implications of intersectional structural barriers, the position of being situated on the margins, and of being burdened by both patriarchal and Euro-centric notions whilst considering the following pertinent question: how can female artists, curators and researchers break down and adequately address the constant toil of mending and rewriting history, whilst simultaneously being able to create, sustain and document the necessary moments for women in the now that will set up the future history in our favour?

Nur Shkembi - Independent curator, CoVA Fellow and PhD candidate in the Department of Art History, University of Melbourne.
Dr Hoda Afshar - (Naarm - Melbourne/Iran) Internationally acclaimed artist and academic teacher and lecturer, Victorian College of the arts, University of Melbourne.
Anida Yoeu Ali - (Cambodia/USA): International performance artist, Senior Artist-in-Residence and Professor at the School of Interdisciplinary Arts & Sciences, University of Washington.
Eugenia Flynn - (Tiwi, Larrakia, Chinese and Muslim) Creative producer and writer, emerging literary scholar and PhD candidate at the Queensland University of Technology.

This is presented as part of SOUL Fury now showing at Bendigo Art Gallery.
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Image: Hoda Afshar, Westoxicated #7 from the Under Western Eyes series 2013 -14, archival pigment print. Image courtesy of the artist and Milani Gallery, Brisbane.