National Anthem Performances

COMING UP with Archie Barry & Eugenia Lim
National Anthem @ Buxton Contemporary until July 7, 2019

As part of the public programming for Buxton Contemporary's exhibition National Anthem a series of performances by Archie Barry & Eugenia Lim will take place

Archie Barry BREATH MARK AND MUSCLE SONG: rest and only say what's necessary
Saturday 11 May, 2pm
Saturday 8 June, 2pm
Saturday 22 June, 2pm

In a series of scheduled performances, Archie Barry turns a stethoscope into an instrument for amplifying their heartbeat as percussive accompaniment to their voice. The resulting song gently yields an appreciation of the way an individual body processes asynchronous rhythms of breath and blood, love and language.

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Wednesday 17 April, 2 - 4pm
Saturday 25 May, 2 - 4pm

At scheduled intervals during the exhibition, Eugenia Lim’s gold-suited Ambassador will inhabit Buxton Contemporary. Wandering through the museum, Lim’s Ambassador will respond to the space through movement – her body a living medium between the artworks, architecture and ‘anthems’.

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Images: Archie by Alex Cuffe; Eugenia by Eugene Hyland