Feminism and Intersectionality

Feminism remains one of the most important philosophical and ideological movements of the late 20th and early 21st centuries. Feminist and intersectional discourses continue to address relations of difference, heterogeneity, and hierarchy, and have enriched our understanding of inequality and global power relations and interactions.

Over the past two decades these theoretical approaches have grown exponentially in their capacity to embrace the diversity and unpredictability of global political and social life. However, in Australia, the reality of racialised difference—and the concomitant discrepancies in power, experience and material conditions rendered by this difference—remains critical. The Feminism and Intersectionality program is designed to challenge dominant narratives and ideologies, and to propose new frameworks through which to continue making and legitimising forms of knowledge and cultural production that are otherwise rendered invisible and deemed untenable.

Program Coordinators: Dr Kate Just, Dr Alex Martinis Roe and Vikki McInnes