Professor Anne Dunlop

Herald Chair
Fine Arts, Culture and Communication

Anne Dunlop is the Herald Chair of Fine Arts at the University of Melbourne. She has also taught at Yale University and Tulane University. She works on Italian and European art in the later Middle Ages and early modern period, researching and writing on links between Italy and Eurasia in the Mongol period. She has been a Visiting Professor at Zhejiang University, Peking University and at Harvard’s Villa I Tatti Centre for Italian Renaissance Studies. In 2015 she published her fifth book Andrea del Castagno and the Limits of Painting and in 2018 edited a volume called Antipodean Early Modern published by Amsterdam University Press. Professor Dunlop was a keynote speaker at the 2017 AAANZ conference, held at UWA Perth and now also serves as one of the two national delegates for Australia to CIHA the International Congress of the History of Art.

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