Dr Kim Donaldson

Senior Lecturer in Art
Victorian College of the Arts

Kim Donaldson is a Senior Lecturer in Art at the Victorian College of the Arts, and practising artist and curator. She was awarded a PhD for her project “Technotopiary: Another formation of the curatorial” in 2016 and has a practice that incorporates writing, drawing, painting, video, installation, performance and the curatorial. In 2008 she established Techno Park Studios in Melbourne’s industrial west and in 2011 she began to develop its mobile arm through Technopia Tours with the presentation of many projects internationally. The Feminist Colour-IN, with Dr Kaisa Kontturi, began in 2016 as a series of performative events focused on feminist activism. Since then this project has been seen in Warsaw, Byron Bay, Jyvaskyla (Finland) and Melbourne. In 2018 the Feminist Colour-IN staged an event for the ACCA exhibition Unfinished Business: Perspectives on Art and Feminism. Additionally Donaldson, with Dr Katve-Kaisa Kontturi (University of Turku, Finland) and Dr Stephanie Springgay (University of Ontario, Canada) are conveners and presenters for the “Minor Activisms” panel of the 2018 AAANZ conference “Aesthetics Politics and Histories: The Social Context of Art” held at RMIT in December.

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