What knowledge do cities need to meet their climate action ambitions?

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Innovate4Cities is a city-focused research and innovation initiative that addresses critical data, innovation, and technology gaps to enable cities to take accelerated and ambitious climate action. This project is building a roadmap to generate the knowledge, tools, partnerships and funding that cities need to meet their climate action ambition, at the speed and scale required.

The Innovate4Cities initiative grew out of the 2018 Cities and Climate Change Science Conference to accelerate global city climate action. Hosted in Edmonton, Canada in March 2018, its purpose was to assess the state of academic and practice-based knowledge related to cities and climate change and to establish a global research and action agenda based on the joint identification of key crosscutting issues and knowledge gaps by the academic, practitioner and urban policy-making communities.

The Connected Cities Lab is contributing to the Innovate4Cities program a range of research, program and governance services for the Global Covenant of Mayors for Climate and Energy, including the delivery of a multi-year research and innovation strategy.

Project team

  • Cathy Oke
    Cathy Oke, Enterprise Senior Fellow in Informed Cities
  • Paris Hadfield
    Paris HadfieldPostdoctoral Research Fellow in Urban Innovation
  • Thomas Jacobs
    Thomas JacobsProject Officer
  • Rebecca Clements
    Rebecca Clements, Research Assistant on Innovate4Cities

Project partners