Evidence 2 Action

How can we enable healthy and equitable cities in which young people can flourish?

An exciting collaboration between Connected Cities Lab and Fondation Botnar is supporting the development of an effective ‘Evidence to Action’ Framework, to enhance the wellbeing of children and young people in secondary cities of the Global South.

Phase One of this project entailed an evidence review and interviews with key urban practitioners. It resulted in a discussion paper on key principles to inform an equitable and transformative process of building evidence to generate action, which supports young people’s wellbeing. It outlines approaches which can harness the power of digital transformation as well as ‘mundane innovations’, through processes which are inclusive, equitable, and empowering for young people.

Now in Phase Two, the project will deliver a comprehensive Evidence to Action Framework. This framework will outline the fundamental principles and key strategic actions for mobilising evidence at the programmatic level to foster collective, citywide action which enhances young people’s wellbeing. This phase also entails a collaboration between the Lab and UN-Habitat to design a proposal for a major 10-year international program, building on the Evidence to Action Framework. Grounded in the voices of young people across secondary cities, expert practitioners in the Global South, and informed by examples of meaningful participation and deep partnerships across diverse urban stakeholders, the E2A collaboration aims to shape action on issues of child and adolescent wellbeing in urban environments.

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