Knowledge in Action for Urban Equality

Can we co-produce more equal cities?

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KNOW is a response to growing inequalities in cities. Three-quarters of cities are now more unequal than in 1996. Inequality directly impacts the ability of cities to deliver prosperity and resilience for all their citizens.

In both the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and the UN-Habitat New Urban Agenda, addressing growing inequality is a priority. Urban equality is a multidimensional experience for urban dwellers encompassing access to income and services, recognition of diverse social identities, and inclusion in decisions that affect them.

To address these challenges, with support from UK Department for International Development and the UK’s Grand Challenge Research Fund, the $12m ‘Knowledge in Action for Urban Equality’ program (‘KNOW’) aims to develop transform native research for urban equality, build greater research capacity and work directly with key partners to enhance city progress towards national and global goals on urban equality.

The KNOW consortium comprises of researchers based at UCL, University of Sheffield, Durham University, the University of Melbourne, IIHS (Indian Institute of Human Settlements), Ardhi University, and FLACSO (Latin-American Social Sciences Institute). KNOW will work with local academic and community-based partners in Sierra Leone, Uganda and Tanzania in Africa; in Cuba, Peru, Costa Rica, and Colombia in Latin America; and in India as well as with the Asian Coalition for Housing Rights in South-East Asia.

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