Paris Hadfield

Postdoctoral Research Fellow in Urban Innovation


Paris Hadfield is a PhD Candidate in urban planning and geography at the University of Melbourne and is funded by the Cooperative Research Centre for Low Carbon Living’s Future Cities programme. Paris’ thesis examines how finance shapes transitions to renewable energy systems in cities through case studies of local experiments in ownership and procurement in Australia, Sweden and the UK.

More broadly, Paris is interested in transformative sustainability agendas in cities that reconfigure economic relations for socially just outcomes. She has published in Urban Policy and Research on local governments financing sustainability interventions, based on original research undertaken during her Bachelor of Arts (Honours) at the University of Melbourne.

Other research contributions include a technical report written for the Resilient Melbourne Delivery Office at the City of Melbourne exploring the potential for local government collaboration in renewable electricity purchasing as a resilience strategy. She is a Guest Lecturer in the Faculty of Architecture, Building and Planning on theories of urban resilience and sustainability transitions, and tutors undergraduate and postgraduate students.

Paris tweets as @ParisHadfield.

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