Urban Resilience and Innovation

Interrogating the relationships between urban decision-making and resilience

The COVID-19 pandemic, climate change and growing social inequality reveal vulnerabilities for the resilience of cities, including Melbourne. Urban renewal, economic stimulus and recovery programmes present opportunities to ‘build back better’ with significant capital investment in infrastructure, housing and public amenities. However, such initiatives risk reproducing existing patterns of urban development and growth.

The Urban Resilience and Innovation Program interrogates the relationships between urban decision-making and resilience, using action research in partnership with the City of Melbourne and key stakeholders.  Our purpose is to:

  • Co-produce research and innovation outcomes to enhance the resilience of the City of Melbourne
  • Contribute world-class, scholarly research on sustainable, resilient and healthy cities
  • Demonstrate a constructive, dynamic relationship between the university and the city, as an international model of best practice

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Current Researchers

Professor Sarah Bell
City of Melbourne Chair in Urban Resilience and Innovation

Dr Melanie Lowe
Research Fellow in Urban Resilience and Innovation