Southern Built Environments Seminar Series

Seminar 2: Positioning the global south in Built Environments Curriculum

About this event

ABP Research Seminar Series 2022: Positioning the global south in Built Environments Curriculum

Internationalising the curriculum will diversify disciplinary perspectives broadening students’ knowledge base and skills-set to support their future employability and careers.

The objective is to foster agency in all students and support their intellectual pursuits, helping them develop critical abilities in approaching international environments. This also entails valuing the cultural knowledge and experience international academics and our international students bring and contribute to diversifying our teaching and learning environments, fostering mutually respectful interactions and generating a positive sense of place in our Faculty community and the broader University.

This is seminar is #2 in the Series focusing on Southeast Asia.

This seminar is organised in collaboration with the Colour Diversity Group.

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This seminar will be held inā€person in the Japanese Room, Level 4, Glyn Davis Building, University of Melbourne (45 seats only), and also streamed online via Zoom webinar - please ensure you select your preferred ticket type when registering.