Student-City Policy Innovation

How can cities best work with young people to shape global energy transitions and climate action?

Young people are skilled at bringing new ways of collaborating with industry and government on clean energy innovation. This project seeks to offer young people greater insight into how cities play a role in the global energy transition and climate action and to support cities in understanding how they can best work with young people to shape these commitments.

In partnership with Student Energy and the Global Covenant of Mayors (GCoM), the Melbourne Centre for Cities is building a Student-City Policy Innovation (SCPI) Team of youths from around the world. The project partners will support the development of energy and sustainability knowledge, policy analysis and critique, and skill-building for the SCPI team. The Centre will provide a methodology for the SCPI Team and GCoM to identify a set of Youth-City insights on priority innovation and policy for city-level climate and energy action. The Centre will also work with the SCPI Team and Student Energy to facilitate a dialogue on Indigenous youth perspectives on climate action and clean energy in cities. Through these activities, the project partners seek to empower a generation of youth ready to collaborate on accelerating climate solutions.

Project team

Project partners