Environment Politics Beyond Environment

How can environment politics go beyond the essentialist morality of ‘protecting nature’?

This project looks at the mainstream-isation process of green agenda and how cities approach engagement with those who are not necessarily interested in ‘nature’ or ‘the environment’. It considers the role of culture and linguistic articulation in this process of engagement and how the popularisation of the ‘resilience’ concept can contribute to pursuing a more socially and ecologically responsible urban agenda.

Project contact

  • Ihnji Jon
    Ihnji Jon, Lecturer in International Urban Politics


Jon, I. & Reghezza-Zitt, M. (2019) Late Modernity to Postmodern? The Rise of Global Resilience and its Progressive Potentials for Local Disaster Planning (Seattle and Paris), Planning Theory & Practice, 25 November 2019.

Jon, I. (2019) Scales of Political Action in the Anthropocene: Gaia, Networks, and Cities as Frontiers of Doing Earthly Politics, Global Society, 10 October 2019.