Great Powers and Urbanisation Project

How is geopolitics being shaped in the ‘urban age’?

Over the course of the early twenty-first century, global economic and demographic trends have increased the relative importance of urban spaces, and cities themselves have organised collectively in the face of transnational challenges. While cities and mayors have increasingly moved into the international arena, heightened geopolitical tensions have demonstrated that the nation-state, and tensions between nation-states, will still shape much of the future. Great power politics and urbanisation are not separate phenomena. Peace, power, and prosperity in the twenty-first century will require urban expertise, as will solving global problems around climate change, migration, and equitable development.

The Great Powers and Urbanisation Project will address these realities through a collaboration of global leaders in international and urban affairs: the University of Pennsylvania’s Perry World House, the Chicago Council on Global Affairs, the Argentine Council for International Relations and the Barcelona Centre for International Affairs.

Through convenings and policy briefings around the world, written outputs, and multimedia communications, the Project serves as a platform for scholars and practitioners to engage with the intersection of geopolitics and urbanisation, and provides policy analysis and guidance for policymakers at the local, national, and international levels.

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In June 2021, Melbourne Centre for Cities hosted two sessions titled Geopolitics and Urbanisation in the Asia-Pacific

The Diplomatic Courier has launched a channel publishing selected outputs from the project.