A public event by Melbourne Centre for Cities for those interested in how Universities and Cities collaborate for impact.
Friday 21 July 9:15am to 5:00pm
Location: The Old Quad, Level 1, The Library, (Entry via the North wing (opposite the old Union House Building),  The University of Melbourne, Parkville Campus

A public event by Melbourne Centre for Cities for those interested in how Universities and Cities collaborate for impact.

One-day symposium featuring thought-provoking speakers, cutting-edge research and practice, and participatory discussions, to think about opportunities and challenges that arise when universities and cities work together to address important urban issues.

Universities play a vital role in shaping the economic, social, and cultural landscape of their communities, and their impact can be felt far beyond the boundaries of their campuses.

At the same time, cities provide universities with a rich and diverse environment that supports their research, teaching, and projects.

So, why is real change so hard? And how do we better leverage the city and university connection for greater impact?  

The rise of new technologies, shifting demographics, and changing patterns of work and mobility are all opportunities for universities and cities to collaborate and innovate. Equally, matters such as climate change, decreasing urban biodiversity, increasing social inequalities and shifts in urban governance dynamics, present complex challenges that require better collaboration between practice, theory and research to achieve creative solutions.

This symposium will challenge delegates to engage, discuss, and act, through a day of moderated sessions and showcases at the Parkville campus of University of Melbourne. We convene key voices on the future of cities to debate world-class evidence, coming from universities, local government, civil society, and the private sector. Urban challenges from cities big and small will be addressed through a suite of activities geared towards action and implementation, based on graspable evidence.

The symposium is brought to you by the Melbourne Centre for Cities, an international research hub of the University of Melbourne, in partnership with key stakeholders in city leadership nationally and internationally. You will leave with new knowledge and collaborators while contributing your own expertise toward real local and global challenges.

Join us for any component of the program, or for the whole day at the University of Melbourne’s Parkville Campus.

*a streaming link will be provided to those who can’t participate in -person, this is only for the plenary sessions and is not interactive.

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The Melbourne Centre of Cities thanks the University of Melbourne’s Engagement and Partnerships department,  for their  contribution to help us deliver this symposium.

The University of Melbourne’s Engagement and Partnerships focus on co-design and delivery of diverse outcomes through partnerships, including for people in the city of Melbourne, Goulburn Valley and Northeast Arnhem Land.