Emma McRae

Graduate Researcher


Emma McRae is a PhD researcher at the University of Melbourne. Emma’s research explores how digital technologies contribute to envisioning and enacting current realities and predicted futures in urban environments. Her project focusses on the development and use of digital twins in urban planning to explore how these technologies, as 3D models of urban space, participate in the production of urban space and enable greater citizen participation in planning. By examining how particular stories about urban space are articulated through visions of future cities, this research aims to explore who participates in, contributes to, is affected by and represented within the visualisations of future cities enacted by these digital models.

With a background as a curator at the Australian Centre for the Moving Image (ACMI) and Experimenta Media Arts, Emma has worked at the intersection of art, technology and society for over 15 years. Publications include edited books and exhibition catalogues, and articles and essays for journals including Assemble Papers, ACE Broadsheet and Openhouse Magazine. Emma holds a Master of Arts (Media and Communication) from the University of Melbourne, a Bachelor of Arts (Media Arts) from RMIT and a Bachelor of Arts (Philosophy and Cultural Studies) from the University of Melbourne.

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