Amelia Leavesley

Graduate Researcher


Amelia is a PhD researcher with the Faculty of Architecture, Building and Planning at the University of Melbourne. Her research explores the capacity of local government to advance local sustainable urban development through engagement with global sustainability frameworks. Her project focusses on the processes driving local implementation of these frameworks in cities across the world and the role of city networks and other urban actors in enabling and facilitating knowledge exchange.

Amelia also works as a Research Fellow in Urban Sustainability at the Melbourne Centre for Cities, specialising in urban climate policy and governance, sustainability transitions and city networking, and is the research lead for the SDGs Cities Challenge. She holds a Master of Environment (Education and Social Change) from the University of Melbourne, a Bachelor of Science (Engineering and Environmental Science) from the University of Western Australia and brings over 5 years’ experience as a strategic engagement and communications consultant, working with multiple levels of government to help deliver major projects in water, planning and transport.

Additional contributions include working as a co-curator of events at the Living Pavilion Festival (University of Melbourne), supporting the research strategy and content creation for PlaceAgency (University of Melbourne), and contributing to research in nature-based solutions for VIVA-PLAN (University of Copenhagen).


Leavesley, A., Trundle, A., & Oke, C. (2022). Cities and the SDGs: Realities and possibilities of local engagement in global frameworks. Ambio, 1–17.

Leavesley, A. (2021). Liveable Melbourne a blessing amid weary lockdowns. Pursuit. University of Melbourne.

Leavesley, A., Oke, C., & Trundle, A. (2021). City climate leadership a model for sustainability. Pursuit. University of Melbourne.


Gulsrud, NM., Raymond, C., & Sharad, A. (2020). Best practice techniques for engaging and listening to diverse voices in the planning and management of urban green infrastructure: Deliverable 2.1. Formas.

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