Society for Neuroscience 2019

Research highlights from BMMLAB's Elizabeth Bowman and Jeremy Metha will be presented at two nanosymposia at the Neuroscience 2019 meeting in Chicago (October 19 to 23).

Elizabeth Bowman

Do dopaminergic stimulants improve problem-solving performance? The answer is complex! Elizabeth will be discussing her findings at a Neuroscience 2019 Decision-Making nanosymposium on Monday 21 October.


How are do orexin receptor antagonists affect behaviour in models of tau pathology? Jeremy Metha's research will be included in a nanosymposium presented by his Florey Institute co-author Ryan Keenan on Tuesday 22 October.

More information can be found on the Society for Neuroscience website.  See you in Chicago!

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Elizabeth Bowman